The beginning of the development of your pregnancy

In the beginning of the development of the pregnancy the gestational age its calculated from the last day of her menstruation. This means the first two weeks: week 1 and 2, you are not pregnant. Your body prepares for ovulation as usual (this depends on your menstrual cycle).

WEEK 3 AND 4: What happens in that period of 14 days is that the ovule is fertilized and moves along the tubes from the fallopian to the uterus. The egg begins as a single cell that divides again and again as soon as the egg reaches the uterus
The fertilized ovum becomes a mass of more than 100 cells and can be called an embryo. Once in the uterus, it is implanted.



WEEK 5 AND 6: Already the embryo begins to grow and develops inside the wall of the uterus. The outer cells are formed with the mother’s blood supply. The internal cells are divided into three: Endoderm, Mesoderm and Ectoderm. Each one of them has a function in the development of the embryo. (YOUR BABY).
The Internal Endometrium layer is responsible for the development of the respiratory system, digestive system. (LUNGS, STOMACH, BLADDER AND INTESTINES).

Intermediate layer (Mesoderm): this layer becomes the heart blood vessels, muscles and bones.

External layer (Ectoderm):< is converted into the brain and nervous system, the lens of the eye, the enamel of the teeth, skin and nails. The embryo is 2mm long at this time .

WEEK 6 AND 7: There is a large lump where the heart and protuberance are at the end of the head of the neural tube. This becomes the brain and the head. at this stage the embryo is 10 mm long.


WEEK 8: In this week it is no longer called an embryo and it is called a fetus. Here the legs lengthen. His knees, ankles, muscles and toes have not yet developed. The fetus is still inside your amniotic sac. The Placenta continues to develop. At this stage he still receives his food from the yolk sac. The fetus is already 1.5 to 2 centimeters or 0.59 to 0.78 inches and weighing 3 grams. It’s shaped like a bean.



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