Live Moments Unique Everlasting

Live Moments Unique Everlasting

“See your baby’s smile before he is born! Play with them while you stimulate them with light, sounds and chocolate”

3D/4D/HD/8K Ultrasounds

This is an opportunity that you and your family will not want to miss. We invite you to bring your family and friends to enjoy a precious moment. You will be able to determine the gender, listen to the baby’s heartbeat and see your child moving in real-time.

With our 3D/4D Ultrasound, you will see your baby from the hands of the best-certified ultrasound technicians in the USA and the best image quality. Make your appointment now in our online system and guarantee the day and time.

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3D/4D/HD Ultrasounds
Stretch Mark Camouflage
Childbirth Doula and Lactation Counseling
Basic 3D/4D training course

Basic 3D/4D training course

Are you ready to take a step forward in your career? We present you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting universe of 3D and 4D ultrasound.


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Pregnancy Confirmation

1 Visit Momento

Pregnancy Control

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We all know how complicated it is to plan an appointment among our many occupations, that is why we have created our system for the same day with the intention that if you have some free time you can easily schedule and see your baby in real time, know her sex, play with it, and videotape it for posterity.


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3D/4D Momentos Packages

Full Package

Week 20 or more

Pregnancy Confirmation

Week 4 to 12

Pregnancy Control

Week 10 to 13

Pregnancy Control 2

Week 14 to 40

Basic Momento

from Week 20

Gender Basic

Week 20 to 32

Gender Momento

Week 12 to 20

Reveal Momento

week 12 to 20

Gender Twins

week 12 to 20

Basic Twins

Week 18 to 26

1 Visit Twins

Week 18 to 26

1 Visit Momento

From Week 20

2 Visits Momento

Fom Week 20

Ultrasound 8K

DNA Test Package

Week 7

The Latest Technology to see your Baby

Early Gender DNA Test

The DAN test. It starts at week 7 of pregnancy, for greater certainty, an

Ultrasound is done and it is verified if you are in the correct week to do the correct week to do the test. The blood is the drawn by a phlebotomist and sent to the laborator. response time is 4 business days.

Ultrasound 8K

Live the Emotion

Now you can see in detail the expressions of your baby before birth and preserve them for posterity.

In this fabulous package you will have:

  • A 15 minute 2D/3D/4D session.
  • 1 printed picture 8K.
  • 1 printed picture 3D/HD
  • Weight and size of your baby
  • Videos do not have sound

Ultrasound 8K

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pembroke pines

Pembroke Pines

pembroke pines


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The fee for each Ultrasound/Sonogram is determined by the complexity of the images being performed, such as twins, triplets, etc. A fee will be added for each additional fetus imaged and analyzed.

A courtesy scan will not be provided if the baby does not show expressions or movements desired by the parents. Repeat scans will be rescheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays for packages with warranty included. You may only cancel the rescheduled scan once and 48 hours prior to the appointment date and time, otherwise there is a $15 fee.

Videos do not have sound

Doula Momentos

The Best Doula Practitioners to Accompany You

Because pregnancy is the most important stage in your life we have the best team of professionals to be with you before, during and after giving birth.

A Doula assistant is a professional in labor that provides emotional and physical support for you and your partner during pregnancy, childbirth and also the postpartum period, through breathing and relaxation techniques to achieve a healthy childbirth without complications. Our Doulas will also teach you techniques for the care of your baby and breastfeeding.


Stretch Mark Camouflage

Free First Diagnostic Appointment


Overweight Therapy

Dr. Liliana uses modern integration techniques to help you in this important process of your life.

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